Shunyi Class of 2020

Welcome From Head of School

Dear parents and friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our Shunyi PTA for all of your efforts to upgrade our campus. Having worked in leading schools in Toronto, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Beijing, it is clear to me that the most successful schools have PTAs that truly partner with their schools, I know successful schools and students benefit from every parent working closely with the school. I welcome the knowledge that the Shunyi Campus parents are a high-energy, high-expectations group, as I too have a lot of energy and high- expectations of our students, teachers, school leaders, and parents. Together, our efforts to create the best education possible for our children benefits not only our community, it provides necessary leadership and direction for all schools around Beijing, around China.

Whether it is foreign or domestic, public or international, all schools are actively looking for new, efficient and high-quality educational models. We are learning, and that is a core value of any organization, and community.

With the joint efforts of all teachers, parents and students, I am very happy that our community has established effective teaching, parenting and learning models. 

I am honored to be able to work with you and confident that as a united community, we can enhance our children’s education. In fact, I am inspired and motivated by the close relationship being built between the school and our families. Lastly, I am honoured to be joining the community at Beanstalk’s Shunyi Campus.

John D’Arcy D.Ed
Director of Innovation and Research
Head of School Shunyi

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