PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. The PTA executive committee members are all selected from the parents at BIBS. The Shunyi Campus PTA has been running smoothly for four years since its establishment in 2014.

PTA believes that students, staff and parents are all stakeholders and equal partners. We are a community school. Taking the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, we see the BIBS Community as raising all our children. The development of all stakeholders is best achieved within a community built upon a solid partnership between home and school. PTA follows the principles of Communication, Collaboration and Community, and is always committed to build up and promote communication between parents and the school, as well as amongst parents, so that we can work together to help the school improve in various perspectives.“Helping you is to help ourselves”is our slogan. As time goes on, we think this can be applicable to all the parties in this BIBS community. Let us continue to cooperate, help each other and build a better future together!

1)    Students, staff and parents are all stakeholders and equal partners.

2)    Communication, collaboration and community.

3)    It takes a village to raise a child.

4)    Helping you is to help ourselves.