House System

Our school house system supports the integration of our community across all grades from K to 12. We have 4 Houses each with approximately the same number of students and a balance of age and gender. Students remain in their house during their time in school and siblings are placed in the same house as one another. In addition, all staff also belong to a house.

The overarching goal of the house system is to promote a sense of belonging and open up opportunities for competition and structure.  Leadership positions are plentiful and the competitions are engaging and wide ranging.  Our aim is to allow all students the chance to showcase their abilities and for the whole community to come together to celebrate diversity and success.  The House system allows our students to spend time together, across all the grade levels, so that older students can be role models and supporters of younger students, helping to set a tone for what it means to be a student at BIBS. This creates a school community that is a unified whole participating in common activities, where students are encouraged to take on roles of service, participation, and leadership.

The major events of inter- House sport, music, drama are supported by a wide range of other events across all aspects of our curricular and co-curricular life.  In addition, the House system provides the framework for the school Reward System with House Points being given for positive contributions to school.  Trophies and group rewards are well contested by the pupils.

The annual House Shield is the culmination of all the points achieved throughout the year from grades K to 12 and is awarded to the winning house at the end of the academic year.