Our Graduates

Around 60% of previous graduates went to US top 30-100 universities. 30% of them made to UK top 20, Canada top 10 or Australia top 10 universities. Majors applied include Music, Sports, Economics, and Computer Science etc. There have also been some world top 30 universities such as Loughborough University and University of Edinburgh, and some of the best ones in their professional fields like  University of the Arts London and Berklee College of Music.

Class of 2020 Acceptance (Part)

List of the University Acceptances (Part)

The United States

University of California Los Angeles

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

University of California San Diego

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Berklee College of Music

Brandeis University

Fordham University

Franklin and Marshall College

George Washington University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Maryland Institute College of Art

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

School of Visual Arts

Art Center College of Design

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Northeastern University 

Boston University

University of California Santa Barbara

Ohio state university

University of Pennsylvania State

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


The United Kingdom

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Durham University

University of Warwick

Loughborough University

Queen Mary University of London

Royal Northern College of Music

UAL central saint martins

University College London

University of Bath

University of Southampton 

University of the Arts London—LCC

University of Nottingham

University of Reading

University of Birmingham

University of East Anglia

University of Edinburgh

University of Liverpool



University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

Simon Fraser University

University of Carleton  


Other Regions

University of Queensland(Australia)

University of West Australia

Bocconi University (Italy)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hongkong, China)

Tsinghua University (China)

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

What our graduates say...


S. Wang: G12 Graduate Representative
I was speaking with my Chinese teacher on the phone at 10pm for over an hour two days before the Chinese New Year holiday to for my paper. I was also spending days with my music teacher on studying Brandenburg Concerto No. 2. All the papers, deadlines and everyday speech and assessments, especially at the end of last year when college application clashed with many graduation-related deadlines, I once thought of giving up...

Throughout school and everyday life, we come across and do many things. Some we wish we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. But they all make us who we are and shape every detail about us. Our class was one of a kind and I’m sure to miss you all but I’m so grateful for sharing these moments and getting to know you all individually the past two years.

A. Gray: G12 Graduate Representative
Dr Seuss once said, “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined.” I want you take this quote with you as you go through this next chapter of your life, remind yourself these things when you think life is too hard. Enjoy your middle and high school days, take every opportunity thrown at you, make friends and try to find the positives in every situation finally in everything you do, do it at the best of your ability not anyone else ability or expectations, because at the end of the day you are living your life with your own dreams and goals not someone else’s.

For two years I did what I could to study, to participate activities and DP. I have succeeded with glorious honor, and have failed for childish mistake too. Today I look back my time with BIBS and DP, it was meaningful, unique and fantastic.

Brad: College of Mechanical Engineering, University of Berkeley (full scholarship)
'BIBS nurtured me in an imperceptible way. I have developed my thinking and vision so naturally and I'm ready for my study and life abroad.'

J. He: University of Washington (Double degree)
'From G3 to G12, BIBS has been comprehensive and tolerant. The IB system develops multi- cultural talents and BIBS cares about every one of us.

L. Xu: Berklee College of Music
'It's been a grateful 12 years with BIBS and I have learnt so much that would help my life in the future. Thank you everyone in the BIBS family!'

Y. Dai: University of Toronto
'4 years at BIBS was fast yet full of achievements. I have learnt not only the knowledge but also precious qualities for my future.'

Paola: University of Edinburgh
'Our dreams have come true – I received my very first university admission letter, and I look forward to my very best future.'