Counselor Team

Our Professionalized guidance counselling team is of members coming from various academic fields such as education, physics, chemistry of the top universities like Cambridge, University of London and University of York etc. They all hold master’s degree and have years of experience on curriculum and guidance counselling services. It’s the professionalization of our administrative positions that guarantees the most precise and accurate support to our students.

Steven Lee

Director of Beanstalk Education Group College Guidance Counseling Office. 16 years of education experience, used to the Vice President of EduChina Cambridge Education Group (leading the college guidance counseling service of 14 international high schools), the College Guidance Counseling Director of a top international school, and a member of Yanfu Foundation.

Sonja Song

UCL Education Master’s degree. 5+ years’ experience on IELTSteaching, overseas college application and guidance counseling.  Member of IACAC, SAT test school manager, US Embassy certified high school guidance counsellor.


Edmond Woolliam

Cambridge Math and Physics Master’s degree, eager to assist BIBS students on their application to Oxford and Cambridge and help them prepare personal statement, performance and interview. 

Gang Wang

Bachelor’s and master’s degree from BNU, majored in cosmology. Experienced in interdisciplinary curriculum project and STEAM courses. Over 10 years in fulltime top international/bilingual schools. AP, A-Level, IB, IGCSE and SAT expert.

Wendy Wen

English education master’s degree of TESOL, Level-2 license of ETS pedagogy of critical-thinking, ETS TOEFL IBT teacher’s license, IELTS teacher’s license issued by the British Council. 10 years’ experience on language teaching and college guidance counseling service.