Admission Process

  1.  Understanding the educational concept and IB curriculum of BIBS, provide the basic information of your child/children and send the completed application form to the designated email address according to the information at the end of the application form.
  2.  For students applying to grade 3 through 5, transcript and report result from the previous school are requested.
  3.  For students applying to G6 through 10, at least 3 years’ academic transcripts from the previous school are requested.
  4.  After all application materials are reviewed by the Admission Department. An interview will be required for students.
  5. After the applicant has completed his/her English interview, an additional Chinese interview will be required to assess his/her Chinese Language proficiency.
  6.  The BIBS Admissions Office will send an acceptance letter to parents/guardians after the applicant has passed the interview process. 
  7.  Finish payment and other admission procedure.

Download the application form